Copy of On Set Kaleidoscope Pictures directed by Christopher Wells


Kaleidoscope Pictures was established in 2002 by

filmmaker/photographer Christopher Wells.

His goal is to offer a better service than

all production houses he’s ever worked for.

It starts with clear communication, the ability to listen

and a real passion to produce amazing work.

We know know how to showcase our clients in a way that makes a

connection and impact to a desired target audience.

This comes from our vast experience collaborating

with a wide variety of industries.

Being a feature film writer/director/producer gives Christopher

a unique experience and advantage he brings on every shoot.

His award winning short films enabled him to raise money

for his feature film ‘The Luring.’

Release date will be announced soon.

Having the ability to take an idea and bring that to fruition means

we get to meet a lot of interesting people

who just need help telling their story.

We collaborate with both big and small clients

as well as some savvy individuals.

We also thrive when collaborating with

Marketing/Advertising Agencies & Producers.

No matter what you need

you deserve to have

a spectacular end result.