Why should we hire Kaleidoscope Pictures aka Christopher Wells as our production house? 

Having raised $235,000  from both private investors and an online campaign to produce a feature film and have it obtain representation from Summer Hill Entertainment is an experience like no other. Christopher brings that experience to every shoot which is a huge benefit for his clients. He doesn’t cookie cut anything and understands the importance of substance and how to articulate any message through video and photography. If he can make his film look like they had double the budget imagine what he can bring to your project. 

How much is a video? 

It would be extremely dishonest of us to blurt out a number without fully understanding what the needs and wants are. Some clients need more than one video, some need a long video with a teleprompter, hired actors, multiple locations and a steadicam. Some just need a simple testimonial shot in their office using their employees. Once we begin to fully understand what your needs are we then can talk about budget and what makes the most sense. We never cookie cut any project but we do have a proven way of doing things. We know there are production companies that say they can do a video for $500 but then you realize it’s an already produced video and all they do is put your text on top of it. We don’t bait and switch and we never try to add on unnecessary equipment just to bring up your budget. We can say we’re not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive but we feel our clients get the most bang for their buck.

How many videos should a company do?

Usually companies do 3 ore more videos to get most bang for their buck since there are basic expenses any one video can’t avoid such as paying the crew. Once you go over the first video the savings for the others can be substantial. For instance if all 3 videos are shot on the same day so the crew doesn’t have to come back can mean you save a good amount of money. For a little bit more it is sometimes worth having those 2 or 3 other videos. For some of our clients they need an “about” video which is an overview of the company and then 2 or 3 videos that go into specifics.

How long should a video be?

Typically a video is about 2 minutes long but it really depends on what is the purpose of the video? If you have an explainer video that takes 4 minutes for the talent to read the teleprompter than your video will be 4 minutes long and sometimes it wouldn’t make sense to edit it into 2 videos. Some of our corporate clients need to have longer videos for various reasons so there isn’t any hard rule. We however give suggestions once we understand the scope of the project.

What are some of the questions I should be asking myself if I’m interested in videos for my company?

You should ask yourself: What do I want the video to do for my business? What action do I want my viewer to take? What is my budget? What do you want to see and hear in your video? Do you have a location in mind? Will you be in it or will it be testimonials from your clients and or staff? In the early stages a lot can change so it’s important to be open to suggestions. We always suggest clients look at YouTube videos for examples so we can break down the budget. If someone chooses videos that all have actors on an elaborate sound stage then we would point that out and discuss if that’s really what they need? Some clients have a bigger budget than others but it’s our job to be budget conscience no matter what. One of the reasons why people hire us is because we treat their money like it was ours so spending it wisely is for everyones benefit. This is where being a true indie filmmaker comes in handy.

How long does it take for you to produce a video?

We can only move as fast as our clients. We can move very fast without sacrificing quality and there have been times where the turnaround has to be very fast and this is where our unique experience comes in. We never met a deadline we couldn’t hit but when we take on any client, budget and deadline are 2 questions we surely ask.

Do you accept scripts?

Not unless you will be raising money for the production. We are not in the business of raising money for other peoples projects.

Do you produce music videos?

Yes and for those clients I would suggest they look at our short films and trailer for our feature film The Luring which is more in line to a music video. The cool thing about music videos is there is no sound so it can be cheaper than you may think. It also gives us a platform to be ultra creative. We recently did a music video for a belly dancer and we also did one for a plastic surgeon that is in our video library.

What is a hook video?

A hook video is a video that hooks its audience but may not offer much information. Very much like the music video we did for a plastic surgeon. We produced over 20 testimonial videos for him but what reeled them in was in fact the hook video. Once you hook them you then have to offer substance otherwise they will think you have none. It’s that balance that really makes a marketing campaign explode.

Do you do events?
Yes both photography and video. We do all sorts of events. Once Christopher photographs an event he’ll set up an online galley where prints can be ordered and shipped to your house. We also do photo books, posters and DVD/Blu-rays for people who want something tangible.

What is B-roll?
B-roll is the extra footage captured to enrich the story you're telling and to have greater flexibility when editing. Instead of featuring only talking heads on video, you want to have other images you can cut away to that will add dimension to your story. We discuss what B-roll options you’ll have for your project. 

Are you hiring?

Sorry but we are not hiring.