Our team handles every aspect of production from concept building to the final edit. Our clients range from big corporations to small local businesses to savvy individuals.

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Recently our feature film The Luring obtained representation from Summer Hill Entertainment- release date soon to follow.

We are driven by perfection, creativity and meeting our clients/investors deadlines; at the same time we have a lot of fun throughout the collaboration process.



This is development stage and the most important stage because it puts everyone on the same page and defines the purpose of the production.  We go over budget, concept development, shooting options, casting options, etc.



We show up on time with a seasoned crew who are always eager and happy to be there. We always provide a professional lighting & sound package even if you’re on a modest budget. Our cameras shoot in 4K  



Each video will be logged, color corrected, sound mixed, and edited. Appropriate text & motion graphics are then added. Each video will meet every specific needs discussed. We send you a polished rough for your approval. No surprises. 

Every project is different and every client has different needs and wants. We ensure your project is exactly what you need. Whether you’re trying to stand out from other businesses or have a specific message to a certain demographic or you have a project that is truly out of the box ultra creative- we can help you achieve your unique goals.