How much is a video? 

It would be extremely dishonest of us to blurt out a number without fully understanding what the needs and wants are. I know some production companies like to advertise they can do a video for $500 and then you realize that means you pick from an already produced video and all they do is put your text on top of it. We don’t believe in any type of bait and switch and we surely only produce content that is unique to you. Some clients need more than one video, some need a 10 minute long video with a teleprompter, hired actors, multiple locations and a steadicam. Some just need a simple testimonial video shot in their office using their employees. Once we begin to fully understand what your needs are we then can talk about budget and what makes the most sense.  We can say we’re not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive but we feel our clients get the most bang for the buck.

Why should we hire Kaleidoscope Pictures aka Christopher Wells as our production house? 

Having raised $235,000  from both private investors and an online campaign to produce a feature film and then have it acquire representation is an experience like no other. Christopher brings that experience to every shoot which is a huge benefit for his clients. He doesn’t cookie cut anything and understands the importance of substance and how to articulate any message through video and photography. If he can make his film look like they had double the budget imagine what he can bring to your project. 

How long does it take to produce a video and how long should a video be?

We can only move as fast as our clients but we never had a problem meeting any deadline. Of course it all has to be within reason and once we know what your needs are, we then can tell you if your deadline is realistic. Most videos are usually about 2 minutes long but it really depends on a lot of factors. If we’re doing explainer videos and it takes 4 minutes for someone to read the teleprompter then the video will be 4 minutes. There is no rule and it really depends on the wants and needs of our clients. We of course offer advice and can think outside the box.

Do you produce music videos?

Yes. We recently produced a belly dance video to Sia but since our client wanted to use a Sia song it was taken down by YouTube which we told our client that would happen. She wanted to do a belly dance video to it anyway. Producing music videos can be cheaper than you may think because there is no sound, there is only lip-syncing to play back so that cost is at least not an issue. Depending on the client we can get really creative and in most cases make a modest video look like a lot of money was spent. For these clients I would suggest they look at the short films Christopher produced in the past since they are very creative and more of the style of a music video where the corporate videos have their own check list they have to hit which is very different.

Do you do events?
Yes both photography and video. We do all sorts of events. Once Christopher photographs an event he’ll set up an online galley where prints can be ordered and shipped to your house. We also do photo books, posters and DVD/Blu-rays for people who want something tangible. He is chosen because he has a signature style (see blur) but he also does corporate events that require a more tamed approach.

What is B-roll?
B-roll is the extra footage captured to enrich the story you're telling and to have greater flexibility when editing. Instead of featuring only talking heads on video, you want to have other images you can cut away to that will add dimension to your story. We discuss what B-roll options you’ll have for your project.