Christopher attributes his getting kicked out of his high school Spanish class (for making the teacher and his classmates laugh on a daily basis thus to distracting) as the first of many unlikely circumstances leading to his film career. A TV producer who ran a TV production class reserved only for seniors saw Christopher roaming the halls and after hearing what happened made an exception and welcomed Christopher, a sophomore at the time into his class. From there he had an extra 2 years learning and relearning the basics of production and by senior year he was that more advanced than his peers.

While attending the School of Visual Arts he became the first student ever in the United States to write and direct a nationwide PSA. He then worked as a writer/producer/director for Cablevison in Long Island for 2 and half years. Realizing corporate life wasn’t for him he formed his own production company Kaleidoscope Pictures in 2002.

Collaborating with the kind of clients he admires he is also able to produce award winning short films. Christopher likes to write and direct films that don’t follow the predictable norm creating a world that is often unpredictable.  And yet they possess a deep social commentary that can be easily missed if one is not paying close attention.

When collaborating with clients Christopher likes to ALWAYS exceed their expectations and he does this by intently listening to what they want to accomplish. He is then able to produce a video or photograph that perfectly suits their needs. Asking his clients the right questions is a great first step but it is his experience and passion that really makes a difference.

His debut feature film The Luring a psychological thriller will be his first of many and he’s excited to continue to collaborate with the type of people who like to be part of a unique project.

He also likes to read graphic novels, engage in deep conversations & make people laugh so hard they can’t even.

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